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Onfloor® Technologies

Onfloor® Technologies is proud to be a leader in the development of innovative, high quality surface preparation and restoration equipment, tools and abrasives. Headquartered in Newburgh, New York, Onfloor® Technologies® utilizes its patented technology to design, engineer and manufacture cost efficient solutions for DIY, retail, commercial and industrial floor resurfacing applications.

Onfloor® Technologies - A leader in concrete and stone grinding and polishing. An innovator in wood resurfacing.

With over 5,000 of its patented units in operation across America, Onfloor® has the largest installed base of planetary floor surfacing machines in the industry. With cutting paths from 16" to 54" Onfloor® machines come in multiple power configurations ranging from a single fixed speed 1 1/2 HP motor up to tri-motors with variable speed at a cumulative 15 HP. The high speed Swoop34™ with its 34" path is specifically designed to polish concrete, and brings it to a high luster faster than any other concrete polishing machine on the market. Onfloor® also makes the industry leading Onfloor®54 which can be used as a single 54" machine or easily transformed into three separate 20" grinder/polishers with our patent pending "break-away bowl" technology.

Our Mission

Onfloor™ Technologies is dedicated to developing, building and delivering simple, high-end, low cost and distinct equipment, tools and abrasives that enable users to execute their resurfacing projects in a quality, direct and time efficient manner.

Onfloor™ - Machines are powerful

Whether you are preparing, profiling or polishing a concrete floor or resurfacing a wood floor or deck Onfloor™ machines are endowed with ample muscle to power through tough coatings or underlayment. Special carbide-tipped and diamond abrasive tooling allows contractors to profile without shot-blasting.

Onfloor™ - Patented technology is forgiving

In addition, the Onfloor™ patented design is tolerant of floor anomalies such as settling, waviness and cracking. Our patented mounting system allows the grinding heads to pivot on two axes allowing for even polishing of uneven floors. Unlike other fixed-plane grinders that leave low areas untouched while shearing high spots, Onfloor™ machines adapts to the floor's contour. We understand that no two floors are alike. Indeed, separate areas of the same floor can present the contractor with different challenges. That is why all of our models come with a wide range of tooling and floor finishing options. Onfloor™ designs and manufactures a wide variety of diamond abrasives customized for the specific needs of the floor restoration craftsman..

Onfloor™ - Diamond abrasives and carbide

Our diamond abrasives are engineered for hard and soft surface geometry and come in metal, resin and phenolic matrices. We supplement this vast selection of diamond abrasives with diamond brushes, diamond screens, star and 8-way scarifiers and carbide tipped tools. Onfloor™ abrasive selection allows Onfloor™ machines to perform well on a wide variety of floor surfaces and conditions..