Onfloor 16S-H 120V vs Husqvarna PG450 120V

For professional concrete flooring preparation services, it’s important to have the right tools. Two entry-level concrete floor grinder-polishers, suitable for residential and industrial services are the Onfloor 16S-H 120V and the Husqvarna PG450 120V. Both are very affordable for small construction or flooring businesses. So let’s take a look at how they stack up against each other in terms of performance, features, cost, and after-sales services.          



Onfloor 16S-H 120V

The Onfloor 16S-H 120V model is a lightweight model available for small to medium sized jobs. The grinder is capable of achieving rates as high as 300 square feet per hour, which makes it suitable for industrial and commercial applications as well as residential. Simple operation means professionals and non-professionals can use it. The patented triple-belt planetary technology provides a professionally smooth finish, while the patented tool attachment system provides an ultra-fast tool change for fitting different surface preparation attachments. The 16S-H is capable of wet and dry applications, grinding, floor polishing, contaminant removal, and can even be used with wood. There is a 1.5” water or dust port which can be used to remove dust or liquid for a cleaner working environment with minimal clean up time needed.



Husqvarna PG450 120V

The PG450 is machine suitable for small to medium sized applications in floor grinding, polishing, and contaminant removal. The trademark RediLock tool change system makes it efficient for changing surface finish tools. A self-adjusting floating cover and brush helps with dust management. The PG450 has a fixed speed making operation extremely simple. A Planetary system ensures smooth finishes are easily achieved. The PG450 is fairly compact and medium weight means it can be loaded in a normal vehicle but will require more than one person to load unless lifting equipment is available. Although they are a European manufacturer Husqvarna has a US office and servicing is readily available.

Onfloor 16S-H vs Husqvarna PG450 Comparison Table by Feature

Onfloor 16S-H


Husqvarna PG450




120V 50/60Hz

Power Source

120V 50/60Hz

16 inch

Cutting Width

17.7 inch


Maximum Speed



Adjustable Speed



Maximum Grinding Pressure


Various for concrete, wood, and contaminant (Concrete Surface Preparation | Epoxy Removal | Tile Mastic/Glue Removal etc)

Tooling options

Various for concrete and contaminant

(Concrete Surface Preparation | Epoxy Removal | Tile Mastic/Glue Removal etc)


Wet and dry



Dust removal





31x23x48 inches

Product size

52x45x19 inches

Sqft/hr 300


Sqft/hr 225


Product weight






Country of Origin


Readily available

After sales service

Readily Available



Summary of Differences

The Onfloor planetary floor grinder is slightly smaller and slightly less powerful, at 16 versus 18 inches, and 1.5vs 2hp, however, it has a much higher operating speed, 1000rpm versus 575rpm which creates almost 50% more production.


The Onfloor grinder has more versatile features, including optional dust removal, wet and dry operation, and a wood attachment. The Onfloor grinder is also more compact and lightweight.


The prices of the Onfloor machine, available directly from the manufacturer are nearly half that of the Husqvarna product, making it a very economically viable.


Considering the detailed comparison here for the 16S-H and the PG450, the Onfloor planetary floor grinder most definitely has more bang for your buck, with even more features at a lower price. You cannot go wrong.

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