OF54-09 | Triple Bowl Planetary 54" | Walk Behind | Vacuum Tow




The Onfloor54 is a highly efficient machine equipped with Onfloor’s patented triple-belt planetary technology that provides a unique Spirograph pattern on the floor. This unique design allows for record time-saving maintenance cycles and avoids many of the costly breakdowns and delays that are common with other machines in the industry. Equipped with active dust control ports on each grinding bowl and an onboard vacuum tow system, the Onfloor54 keeps vacuum, hose and cord management organized in front of the operator. The Onfloor54 platform also incorporates Onfloor’s unique and patented tool attachment system. This system provides flexibility for the tools to follow the contour of the substrate and scratch it evenly. Therefore, minimizing the over grinding of high spots while consistently scratching the low spots.

Tooling packages are available for a multitude of applications including:

Concrete Surface Preparation | Epoxy Removal | Mastic/Glue Removal | Stone Polishing
Model: OF54
Motor/Power  (3) 5 HP/460V 50/60 HZ
Full Load Amperage: 18
Tool Speed: 0-1250 RPM Variable
Cutting Width: 54"
Weight 550 LBS
Grinding Presure 650 LBS
Optional Weight 28 LBS (9 max)
Shipping Dimension L: 60" x W:60" x H: 48"
Shipping Weight 1700 LBS