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Onfloor’s Prep Academy was created to provide basic knowledge of Concrete Surface Preparation and Polishing with Onfloor equipment and abrasives. The academy includes classroom instruction followed by hands-on demonstrations of how to incorporate the techniques presented in the classroom. We will demonstrate these techniques with Onfloor’s equipment and abrasives and show you the best approach to applications that you face every day.

Academy Overview:

  • Concrete Floor Surfaces
    • Is Concrete Flat
    • Hardness of Concrete
    • Pitting in Concrete
    • Cracks in Concrete
    • Concrete Color
    • Concrete Finishes
  • Prepare Concrete for a Coating
    • Evaluation
    • Moisture Testing
    • Coating Removal
    • Adhesive Removal
    • Basic Crack Repair
    • Grinding Concrete
    • How to Clean Prior to Applying a Coating
  • Intro to Polished Concrete
    • Polished Concrete Steps
    • Polished Concrete Finishes
    • Densifier
    • Dyes/Stains
    • Sealers
  • Onfloor Abrasives
    • How Abrasives are Made
    • Proper Abrasive Choice
    • Duration
  • Intro to Wood Deck Restoration
    • How to Prepare a Wood Deck

Come and join us for a day that is filled with unique processes and techniques that will allow you to be a step ahead of your competition.