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Creteboss | 54" Triple Bowl Planetary | Self Contained | Grinder-Polisher





OnFloor Technologies
  1. BowlVis Operator has an unobstructed view of all three bowls to monitor cutting performance.
  2. Grinding Heads Adjustable grinding pressure up to 1000 lbs.
  3. Quick Change Head The grinding polishing head can be removed in less than a minute - no tools required.
  4. EasyChange Grinding head pivots 90 degrees for quick and easy tool change.
  5. 36 Volt Drive System Separate on-board battery pack allows the machine to move without 480 volt power cord.
  6. Grinding / Polishing Head Is vacuumized with 550 CFM during operation. Vacuum can be diverted to a secondary vacuum shoe to collect any accumulated dust left behind during the grinding process.
  7. Easy service All CRETEBOSS components are easily accessible for inspection and service.
  8. 2 Cylindrical Separators Mounted in series remove up to 96% of dust particles before they rech the filters.
  9. AutoBlast 200 square feet of filter with continuous timed filter cleaning.
  10. Hands Free Cord Management System Swing arm pivots 90 degrees in both directions allowing the cord to automatically move to the side of the unit while turning. No need to stop and manually move the power cord.