DynaVac Pro 1600 High Output Vacuum | 200 CFM HEPA Dust Collector | Filter Shaker




Onfloor's DynaVac 1600Pro HO offers remarkable productivity thanks to the oversize coated filter and the shaker cleaning system. The system includes 13 square feet of pleated filter area that provides consistent suction performance. The washable long-life filter minimizes maintenance and reduces overall cost with an efficiency rating of 99% @ .5 microns. 

The DynaVac 1600 Pro vacuum features 140" of water lift and 200 CFM of continuous airflow. Equipped with HEPA filtration

Dynavac Pro 1600
CFM 200
Suction 140"
Voltage 120V
Full Load Amps 13 AMP
Filter  Efficiency 99% @ .5 Microns Poly Coated
Filter Area 13 Sq Ft
Filter Cleaning Shaker
Collection 11 Gal
Weight 50 LBS
Hepa Included


  • Durable Steel Frame and Polyethylene Body
  • 9.5 Gallon Dust Capacity
  • Foot Actuated Dustpan
  • Fully Grounded
  • Filter Shaker
  • Heavy Duty Transport Wheels 5”
  • Washable Geosynthetic Poly Coated Filter
  • HEPA Equipped