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OF16S-L | Multi-Surface Planetary 16" Concrete Floor Grinder & Sander | Single Speed Low




The Onfloor OF16S-L is a multi-surface planetary concrete floor grinder, exterior wood deck sander, interior wood floor sander that is equipped with Onfloor’s patented triple-belt planetary technology. The OF16S-L operates on 120V and is powerful enough for professional users yet simple enough for almost anyone to operate and maintain. The low tool speed (500 rpm) of the OF16S-L makes it an ideal multi-surface machine for low-speed applications such as wood floors and decks. The OF16S-L also incorporates Onfloor’s patented tool attachment system that is known for being the fastest tool change in the industry.


Tooling packages are available for a multitude of applications including: Concrete Surface Preparation | Epoxy Removal | Mastic/Glue Removal 
Wood Floor Sanding/Refinishing | Stone Polishing | Wood Deck Restoration
Model OF16S-L
Motor/Power  1.5 HP/ 120V 50/60HZ
Full Load Amperage 12.5
Tool Speed 500 RPM
Cutting Width 16"
Weight 160 LBS
Grinding Pressure 140 LBS
Optional Weight 20 LBS (2 max)
Shipping Dimension L: 31" x W:23" x H: 48"
Shipping Weight 165 LBS
  • 16” Cutting Path
    • More production in less time-
  • Multi-Surface Capability
    • Grind Concrete, Stone, Terrazzo, Wood Floors, Wood Decks and more-
  • Lightweight High Speed
    • Faster operation and easy mobilization-
  • Up To 230 lbs. Grinding Pressure
    • Increases productivity with more grinding pressure-
  • Patented Triple Belt Planetary
    • Creates more torque with less power-
  • Patented Flexible Tool Plates
    • Follow the contour of the floor for faster production-
  • Removable Handle
    • Reduces overall height for mobilization-
  • Self-Maintenance Platform
    • Replace belts and bearings in minutes not hours-
  • Wet/Dry Operation
    • Machine operates dry with dust collector or wet with water-