OF16Pro | Multi-Surface Planetary 16" Concrete Floor Grinder & Polisher | Variable Speed




The Onfloor OF16Pro is a multi-surface planetary machine that is equipped with Onfloor’s patented triple-belt technology.  The platform quickly transforms to become a Concrete Floor Grinder, a Concrete and Stone Floor Polisher, a Wood Floor Sander and a Wood Deck Resurfacer in seconds by changing the tooling. The OF16Pro is capable of preparing concrete for a coating, removing paint/coatings from concrete, removing mastic and glue from concrete, refinishing interior wood floor surfaces, removing worn finishes from wood surfaces, flattening wood surfaces, preparing exterior decks and much more.

All of these applications require very different tools and these tools require specific operating speeds to reach peak efficiency. The 16Pro was built with professional contractors in mind and provides variable speed control (0-1450rpm), variable weight and the fastest tool change process in the industry. The OF16Pro allows contractors to be incredibly diverse with minimal training. 

Tooling packages are available for a multitude of applications including:

Concrete Surface Preparation | Epoxy Removal | Mastic/Glue Removal

Wood Floor Sanding/Refinishing | Stone Polishing | Wood Deck Restoration

Model OF16Pro
Motor/Power  2 HP/ 110-120V 50/60HZ
Full Load Amperage 16
Tool Speed 0-1450 RPM Variable
Cutting Width 16"
Vacuum Port 1.5"
Minimum CFM  150 
Weight 175 LBS
Grinding Pressure 155 LBS
Optional Weight 20 LBS (2 max)
Shipping Dimension L: 30" x W:24" x H: 42"
Shipping Weight 195 LBS
  • 16” Cutting Path
    • More production in less time-
  • Multi-Surface Capability
    • Grind Concrete, Stone, Terrazzo, Wood Floors, Wood Decks and more-
  • Lightweight High Speed
    • Faster operation and easy mobilization-
  • Up To 195 lbs. Grinding Pressure
    • Increases productivity with more grinding pressure-
  • Variable Speed Control
    • Maximizes efficiency by adjusting speed to application requirements-
  • Patented Triple Belt Planetary
    • Creates more torque with less power-
  • Patented Flexible Tool Plates
    • Follow the contour of the floor for faster production-
  • Removable Handle
    • Reduces overall height for mobilization-
  • Self-Maintenance Platform
    • Replace belts and bearings in minutes not hours-
  • Wet/Dry Operation
    • Machine operates dry with dust collector or wet with water-