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Deck Nylon Brush 6.5" (3 per box)

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The Deck Nylon Brush 6.5" quickly cleans many outdoor surfaces including wood, composite, brick, stone, tile, and concrete. It won't damage wood the way pressure washers can, and its stiff bristles gently remove stubborn dirt while the water washes it away. Use with a deck cleaner to help bring back woods' natural beauty and prep it for staining.

The Onfloor Deck Brush is a nylon brush impregnated with tungsten carbide steel. The nylon bristles can ride right over the top of cupped deck boards and popped nails. They do a great job of removing old weathered stains, dead wood fibers, mold, mildew, and old coatings. With the Deck Brush, you can easily prep and finish a deck in one day.