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25 Grit Quick Tool RipTip-2 Diamond (3 per Box)

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Looking for the perfect concrete floor smoothening abrasive tool for removing old coatings? The Onfloor Quick Tool RipTip is a unique diamond abrasive that is available with two or three-segment tips. Each of the RipTip tools is designed to work with specific Onfloor machines based on its down pressure to provide outstanding results and maximum duration.

The RipTip-2 includes two segment tips and is designed to work with Onfloor's 16", 20" and edger machine models, 250 lbs max. The RipTip-2 Quick Tool will make easy work of mastic and carpet glue removal without using caustic removers while preparing the surface at the same time. The RipTip-2 is also great for removing any coating and performs exceptionally well on hard concrete for surface prep. When you need to Rip adhesives and old coatings from a concrete floor, the RipTip removal tool will do it fast and easy!

They are designed to fit the Magna Trap(R) & Lavina machines. Magna Trap is a registered trademark of Equipment Development Company, Inc., and Lavina is a registered trademark of Superabrasive Inc. Onfloor is a registered trademark, and RipTip is a trademark of Onfloor Technologies, LLC.


Max Pressure Application Machines *Duration/SqFt
250 lbs Mastic Removal OF16 Series 4000
Glue Removal OF20 Series 2500
Acrylic Sealer Removal Edger 4000
Hard Concrete Prep
Coating Removal