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30 Grit Quick Tool Cap Buster-1 Star (3 per box)

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Grind hard troweled concrete surfaces extremely fast!

The all new Cap Busters will make fast n easy work of those extremely hard troweled concrete caps. With its unique star design, additional diamond content and soft metal matrix the Cap Buster will grind through hard troweled surfaces with ease. The Cap Busters are available with a single- or double-Star Segment and 30 or 70 grit.

  • Use the 30-grit cap buster to grind extremely hard concrete surfaces in preparation for coatings.
  • Use the 70-grit cap buster to grind extremely hard concrete surfaces after the 30 grit for a decorative finish.
  • The unique Star design of the Cap Buster penetrates the concrete and exposes new diamond tips for consistent grinding.
  • The Cap Buster segments are long lasting abrasives that create maximum value.

Designed to fit the Edco Magna Trap(R) & Lavina machines. Magna Trap is a registered trademark of Equipment Development Company, Inc., and Lavina is a registered trademark of Superabrasive Inc. Onfloor is a registered trademark, and RipTip is a trademark of Onfloor Technologies, LLC.