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OF18 Edge S-4 | Multi-Surface 18" Floor Edger | Single Speed

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The Onfloor OF18 Edge incorporates a dual-head tool system for fast and efficient detail work. It can edge as close as 1/16” to any obstruction, reach under cabinet overhangs or shelving as low as 4” and as deep as 11”.

The Edge provides unparalleled reach and edging capability to the resurfacing and preparation of floors.  The dual-head tool system provides double the cutting capability and steady movement along the wall.

The unique edging wheels provide the ability to precisely adjust the location of the cutting edge of the tools. The operation handle is vertically adjustable and provides access to control of the machine from any angle while standing. The reach of the head allows the machine to maneuver in and around obstructions like sinks, water fountains, etc…

The OF18 Edge also incorporates a leveling system that provides the ability to adjust the angle of the abrasives to the floor. This feature helps to eliminate the "ghost lines" typically left by an edging tool.

Tooling packages are available for a multitude of applications, including:
Concrete Surface Preparation | Epoxy Removal | Mastic/Glue Removal 
Wood Floor Sanding/Refinishing | Stone Polishing


  • 1/16” Edging Capability: Get as close as 1/16” to any obstruction.
  • Heavy-Duty 1.5HP Motor: It Provides heavy grinding ability close to obstructions.
  • Low Profile Housing: Reach under overhangs as low as 4" and as deep as 11"
  • 18" Total Cutting Path: Utilize for small spaces as well as edging around obstructions.
  • Adjustable Edge Rollers: Precisely control distance from the cutting tool to the obstruction.
  • Multiple Position Handle Ring: Provides user comfort as well as easy transport and storage.
  • Level Adjustment: Allow the tools to reach curled or raised edges by adjusting the level.
  • Dual-Head Drive: Faster cutting capability and smoother movement across the surface.



OF18 Edge


1.5 HP 120/220V 50/60Hz

Full Load Amperage:

18 AMP/9 AMP

Tool Speed:

750 RPM

Cutting Width:



160 LBS

Grinding Pressure

80 LBS

Optional Weight

20 LBS

Shipping Dimension

L48" x W39"x H56"

Shipping Weight

180 LBS